Restore System Performance - Use a Computer Cleaner

There is a great breadth and depth of products online most of which will attack the problem of cleaning up a hard drive from varying perspectives. One product type is the computer cleaner, and there are a number of these to choose from on software and shareware sites. Also remember that there is much more that these software tools can do, some can delete private data, locate and remove porno files, discover and clean copyrighted material, and help you find where all the space has gone on your drive.

Your computer speed can be improved signficantly simply by getting rid of unnecessary files on your PC. The computer can run faster when they have a smaller number of files to be handled, stored and backed up on the computer in question. The additional space that is freed up in the cleaning process can be returned to the available pool of free space. And the act of defragmenting the drive is vastly improved when the system has lots of free space to shuffle files around in. And with the temptation of private files taken away, the possibility is limited that your privacy is violated by anybody that is not authorized to view them.