Internet Security - Hard Drive Cleaner

It can be argued that it is easy to find inappropriate content accidentally when online. More and more children are accidentally discovering porn on the internet as time goes on and the internet grows. When this happens on your computer, finding these items could inflict psychological injury and in turn, may store unwanted files on the computer being used. Software tools exist that claim to search out files including suspicious undesirable contents lying dormant on the PC. One of the main contenders in this category of tools is Snitch hard drive cleaner, it is said to be one of the quickest scanning and most accurate available.

These forensic applications have features such as testing image files, testing movie files to see if they contain adult material, analyzing plaintext files for words and phrases, seeing what users visit online as well as a selection of other tests. Core tests like the image and movie ones perform automated checks and simplify analysis for the average user.

Prior to purchasing the software can be evalutated at no charge for 30 days so you can try out the program first.