The Importance of a Clean Computer

Speed and Longevity
Cleaning a computer is very important - we all know that. Computer cleanliness is vital to the speed and performance of the machine, as well as its long term condition and lifespan. There are numerous ways to clean and maintain a computer.

The Data
Speed and performance is most likely to be affected by the condition of the hard drive, in terms of the physical drive itself and the data contained within that drive. From an electronic data point of view, it makes good sense to keep your computer clean by regularly checking the data and getting rid of anything that doesn't belong or that is no loger needed. Among other things you can elete old files, remove unused programs, emptye the recycle bin and email trash. You can also maintain a clean computer by scanning and removing files that may have been downloaded or saved on your computer without your knowledge or consent, such as illicit or inappropriate images and documents.

In the event that you want to sell or give the computer away - or at least the hard drive itself - even more drastic measures are necessary such as reformatting the disk in order to ensure the privacy of your personal information.

The Hardware
Keeping the hardware components of your computer clean is just as important as maintaing an uncluttered hard drive. Foreign objects such as dust particles and hair have the potential to cause damage to your expensive computer if not kept in check. If you think you might want to sell your old computer eventually, or even if you just want your PC or laptop to last you a long time, regularly cleaning up those hardware components is a must.

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