Parental Controls And Hard Drive Cleaning

Hard disk analysis and cleaning tools mainly fit into a few key categories. Firstly there are the hard disk cleaners such as the 'Disk Cleanup' utility that comes with Microsoft operating systems, that purge useless files and folders and recover wasted space. There are other tools that can protect your privacy, that remove signs of internet browsing and get rid of the previously typed URLs from drop down lists stored as history within your browser records, such as evidence removal cleaners. Another type of utility is the 'porn remover' parental control software, which is specifically used to disclose the location of porn images and video files and a range of other inappropriate files, and assists the user in deletion of any files that are not wanted. Yet another category of cleaner software comprising disk 'washing' software which rubs out existing files and data found in unused areas of the disk, with no chance of others being able to find it.

We can discuss several hard disk cleaning possibilities; there is the manual way, or software can be employed to do the job. The manual method involves checking all files and file folders and determining which files of the examined items are redundant, and removing them depending on what you want to keep and want to delete. There is less chance of losing unwanted data than techniques involving automated software tools but this way can be tedious if many files exist. You can use software cleanup products that can determine information which include file properties, last opened dates, etc. and make a list of the files which are then cleaned off the disk automatically.

You can easily find many examples of drive clean software which attack 'hard disk cleaning' using a range of methods. You can easily locate many parental controls online just by checking on Google, using that keyword. However there are more things these applications can perform; some have other functions, ie. they can clean up free drive space, locate and remove porno files, detect pirated software, and show where drive space is being used.