File Deletion 101

Removing Files
Deleting files from your computer from time to time is imperative to ensuring the efficiency of both the computer and the computer's user. Its an easy task and, if done on a regular basis, should never become too daunting or time consuming.

Data file deletion is usually best done through Windows Explorer or My Computer. With this method, you can easily see the contents of your folders and pick out which ones you want to delete. If the contents of your folders are too many to manage, you can do a search for certain files and file types through the Search function of both these applications.

Sometimes, for reasons unknown and mysterious, some files are "locked" in place by Windows and cannot be removed. Assuming these are not system files, and are safe to be deleted, applications are available that can enable you to change the "lock" status of such files and then remove them permanently.

Another type of file that many computer users tear their hair over is inappropriate files. These can be in either picture or document format and can insinuate themselves onto your hard drive without your knowledge. If you want to find and delete file of this nature, help can be found in the form of software that enables you to scan your computer, find the relevant data, and then delete the offending material for good.

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