Everyday Tools for Internet Security

Internet Filtering Software
Internet Filters stop users from accessing inappropriate material found on the internet, by analyzing the content or visited sites, and allowing or preventing access depending on the results. Good filters analyze requests for internet sites as they are initiated by the user and compare them to lists of known illicit websites or keywords. Others allow the requests to go out but they then analyze the returning data and use intelligent analysis to review the incoming data, including image scanning, keyword lists etc.
Firewall Software
Firewalls maintain security against hackers and other malicious intruders by monitoring network traffic and preventing attacks from aross the internet or from a connected network. Many now also intercept outbound messages that originate from malicious software on the computer; these attacks are more prevalent than ever. The intention is to obtain private data on the computer and send it to a third party without the user's consent. These invaders can take the form of ActiveX controls, trojans, etc. and firewalls provide security against such attacks.
Hard Drive Cleaners
These software tools are used to search a computer for adult material that already exists there and help remove it. This has become more essential because the internet is just one of many paths for illicit material to find its way onto computer hard drives. With removable storage, USB drives, rewritable CD and DVD media etc. there are now many more paths for material to arrive through.