The Latest Tools To Delete Porn

Wikipedia boss interviewed about porn cleanup It wasn't all that many years ago that there was no such thing as the Internet, and pornography on your computer was not really the problem that it is today. But hard drives full of 'porn' and all the various kinds of adult material are commonplace, and a source of anxiety for a great many people. Even trusted internet giant Wikipedia is being pressured to clean up its porn.

Ironically what better place is there for people to find a solution, than the Internet itself? And there are a number of 'delete porn' tools specifically designed to delete any unwanted porn from a hard drive using artificial intelligence to automatically make the decision about which images are pornographic in nature and which are not.

Deleting porn files using automated tools is not nearly as difficult as you might think. And that is a good thing, given the necessity to clean up your computer after viewing porn on your computer in mid flight or before being scanned for porn after disembarking. They are really getting serious at airports these days...

It is a relatively simple process to start the software, set a few simple parameters, and then come back in an hour to process and delete all the material that has been found. Fortunately modern tools are smart enough to know the difference between normal files and pornographic files, which lastly reduces the dependence upon the operator to make a decision about which files are pornographic and which are not. For example a modern porn deletion tool will be able to identify the difference between a family photograph and a photograph of naked people engaged in explicit activity, without you having to sort through every last image on the hard drive. So only the files that the software has identified as being inappropriate, are displayed for review by the user. This saves a great deal of time.

Good quality, modern pornography detection and deletion software products are also are able to delete porn files securely. This means that somebody with forensic tools cannot recover any of the cleaned-up items without a great deal of effort, or at all. This process is called file shredding, and is the best way to prevent unwanted files from being accidentally or intentionally recovered. In this way you can be sure that the files you have deleted cannot be recovered by any means.

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