Internet Security - Erase Porn on your PC

There are a few ways to go about cleaning a hard drive of porn; there is the manual way, but if that doesnt appeal, there are always software tools to help. The more user intensive manual process means stepping through all folders on the hard drive and then making a decision about which files are unwanted, and getting rid of them as you see fit. This is less risky than running a cleanup program but the process is time consuming and tedious. Utilities for cleaning hard drives of porn that make use of system dates such as the file accessed date, and then automatically create a list of the files to be cleaned out.

The world wide web reveals the depth of applications that view the drive cleaning process using a range of methods. There are many good tools helping you erase porn as well as clean up general unwanted material. Also remember that there is much more that these utilities are able to do, some can perform drive 'washing', locate and remove porno files, find unlicensed software installed on the computer, and show where drive space is being used.