OK Now, Do You Really Want to Remove Porn?

Alright so somebody in your family has been downloading porn and leaving obscene images and video files on your hard drive. How do you remove porn files from the hard drive without having to go through each file manually and choose which ones are inappropriate and which ones aren't? Why not try one of the new software porn removal products available specially for this situation? You can find several anti-pornography programs that will help you remove all traces of porn from your computers drives. Most of these are created to scan images for inappropriate content including nudity, pornographic activity, etc. and will help you remove these undesirable elements. Some will also scan video files can extract thumbnail images for further analysis.

The best tools do a lot more than just help you remove porn and clean up your computer. Many such as the ones available here and here will also scan for other file types including audio, compressed, documents, hidden files and more. So what do you do once the software has found all the files you are looking for? It is a simple matter of going through the small set of items found and categorising them into files you will delete and files you will keep. File removal is done automatically by the software using optional file scrubbing passes that get rid of all binary remnants that may remain on the hard disk. After this series of steps your hard drives are typically clean and ready for the next time your resident voyeur wants to download some visual entertainment.

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