Internet Security - Remove Porn

Sometimes it just happens, you find pornography images while accessing the web. And because of porn spam and popups, exposure is becoming more and more likely. On occasion when we are exposed to files, viewing said materials can disturb the viewer and in doing, could leave evidence of the incident behind on the hard drive. New software is able to detect the presence of offensive porn pictures and videos hiding on the hard disk. In most circumstances products like Snitch will have functions that help you remove porn and combined with other functionality for detection and analysis, can clean the system quickly.

The detection software tools perform automated tests which include quickly checking images for nudity, analyzing movie/video files for unsuitable content, testing filenames and text for unsuitable words and phrases, reviewing internet history logs and other automated testing. The image and video tests alone can reduce manual work significantly, they automatically do tests and rapidly sort normal images from unsuitable ones.

Trial software is available to everybody letting you test the software first.