Internet Security - Remove Porn

It is trivial to locate adult images or video files while accessing the web. Or porn may arrive from some other method, such as through a mail client. Regardless of how the files appear, finding these items could make the viewer uneasy and in doing, may store unwanted files on the hard drive. Products have been developed that say they can search out files including hidden pornographic images waiting to be discovered on the computer for others to find. Advanced products like Snitch can remove porn with smart processing, and protect your privacy by cleaning up incriminating files.

In most cases these products have capabilities including inspecting multimedia files like images, checking video files for obscene materials, reviewing text files for suspicious keywords, looking at online browser history plus other tests for suspicious items. The software's photo tests for example use the latest technologies and rapidly sort normal images from unsuitable ones.

The software can be downloaded in trial form before purchasing so that you can make sure it does what you need before buying.