Removing Porn Files from computers

It is simple to find porn pictures and videos while in the throes of web surfing. This is happening more and more frequently. On these occasions, locating unwanted material could inflict psychological injury and if this happens, it can leave behind evidence of the activity that a person with the right skills could find. There are now products that are able to look automatically for whatever porno images or movies that are to be found on the PC. There are a number of such products including Snitch can remove porn, and together with additional analysis and scanning methods, can rid your computer of undesirables.

The aforementioned products have features such as testing images for nudity, testing movie files to see if they contain adult material, analyzing text-based documents for keywords, seeing what users visit online and a range of other tests. Take for example the image and video analysis capabilities that perform smart scanning that can sort nudity from other standard images.

A trial version is made available on the product website so you can test it first without buying blind.