Internet Security - Porn Scan

Even youngsters can come across pornography images when online. Or inappropriate files may be downloaded from peer to peer networks. When this happens, viewing said materials can negatively impact the user of the computer and when this occurs, it can leave traces of undesirables on the local computer. New software is able to analyze the hard drive for offensive pornographic items waiting to be discovered on the permanent storage media. Most of these products will help you porn scan as well as handle all the automated cleaning processes that get rid of porn and undesirable media.

The detection software tools analyze hard disk files by using computer analysis to check images, testing the contents of video files for nudity or adult contents, looking at file names and file contents for suspicious keywords, checking for suspicious internet activity as well as a selection of other tests. The application's scanning of photographs for example incorporate intelligent scanning and simplify analysis for the average user.

A trial version is made available on the product website , which allows free scanning of the user's computer and evaluation of its unique features.