Security Tool Categories

Virus Scanners

Virus Scanners are designed to remove virus threats both incoming from the internet and external sources, and already present on the system in question. Most have on demand virus scanning as files are downloaded or moved / activated on the user's computer. They also feature scanning of complete drives for any sign of malicious files that have made it through the defences.
Internet Filter Products
The objective of an Internet filter is to prevent access to unsuitable material by erecting a barrier between a local com-puter or intranet and the internet. A filter lets brower analyzes requests for internet sites as they are initiated by the user and scans them for known illicit sites or keywords. Others allow the requests to go out but they then analyze the returning data and use intelligent analysis to review the incoming data, including image scanning, keyword lists etc.
Firewalls are used to block access to a computer through its network connection to prevent hackers and malicious users from accessing data on a PC. Many now also prevent malicious executables on the computer from sending out private data, whether they be ActiveX controls, trojans, etc.
Drive Cleaning Tools
These software tools are used to search a computer for adult material that already exists there and help remove it. This has become more of a necessity as the internet is not the only way for illicit material to find its way onto computers. With removable storage, USB keys, rewritable CD and DVD media etc. there are now many additional paths for material to arrive through.