All about PC Cleanup Tools

You can clean your PC one of two ways; there is the manual way, or software can be employed to do the job. Doing it the 'manual' way requires checking all files and folders on the hard drive and then making a decision about which parts of the drive are no longer required, and getting rid of them in your own time. The manual method is more thorough than running a cleanup program but can be repetitive and time intensive. Utilities for cleaning hard drives that use information such as the file accessed date, and then automatically create a collection of files and folders to be removed from the hard drive.

You will find that any of the main PC clean up applications can scan and remove the unwanted files automatically. There is usually much is more that these products are capable of, many can also clean up free drive space, clean up porn files, discover and clean copyrighted material, and show where your disk space is being taken up.

It's easy to come up with justification for why deleting excess or useless computer files, especially large ones such as movies and images, is desirable. How fast your PC operates as you pull files from HDD is partly a result of how many files are found in the file system. This is because the FAT tables get large and everything has to work harder when files are accessed. It is common that file fragments get scattered around the hard drive over time and this cuts the speed that data can be retrieved. Your privacy is at stake too, the more files you have that you would rather keep secret, there is the possibility (no matter how remote) that somebody accessing your computer might misuse your personal information. Getting rid of any hard drive material that is no longer needed will give back resources to the system and this might stave off having to buy a bigger hard drive.